The group of staff members that we rely on for Consulting, Editing and proofreading has grown considerably since we began. Our company employs leading experts in business communication, accounting and more. Many of our staff have obtained a PhD level in academic writing as well as a variety of other subjects. With the team of individuals that we have been able to assemble we feel as though we can deliver an unprecedented value for professional consulting, editing and proofreading.
Our staff members remain highly qualified for editing, proofreading and writing on almost any subject. No matter what discipline you require assistance with we can help to form a skeleton of ideas or a completed project that can ensure academic excellence.
We are consistently looking for new talent that we can use to expand our capabilities to our customers. For several years now we have been lucky enough to include several Canadian, UK, American and international experts who are leaders in their field. If you have any interest in becoming one of our latest staff members please contact us today.
Whether you need an assess completed, editing assistance, proofreading or academic consulting we have individuals in the desired discipline that will help you to improve your academic experience. We created this page to help students around the world and as a result we built a team of staff members that can ensure quality experiences for our customers. Here are some of the staff members that make our business possible.

Editing, Proofreading and Writing Consultant Team

Few of staff profiles are listed below from our hundreds of staff profiles.

Mr Alex Brown1
Mr. Alex Brown
B.Sc. in Computer Science and MSc in Managing Information System, University of Westminster, UK

Dr. Anil Sharma
Dr. Anil Sharma
B.Sc. in Business Administration, MBA, DBA (Aston University, UK)

Dr.Sofia Wright
Dr.Sofia Wright
MA, PhD in Business Management

Dr. Aisha Smith
Dr.Aisha Smith
BA (Hons) in Accounting and Law, MBA, DBA

Mr. Muhammed Usuf
Mr. Muhammad Usuf
BA (Hons) in History, University of Cambridge, M.Sc. (Economic and Social History)

Dr Sara Miller
Mrs. Sara Miller
BA (History, University of Toronto), Law (University of Western Ontario)

Dr.Yassar Gardner
B.Sc. (Specialised in Project Management – Distinction Pass), PhD in Project Management

Quality Control Team

Dr.Joseph Davies
Dr.Joseph Davies
B.Sc., MA, and PhD

Mr. Addrian Wood
Mr. Adrian Wood
BA (Hons) in Accounting, MA in Research Method, MBA (University of Reading), PhD in Education (in Progress)

Ms. Ade Jones
Ms. Ade Jones
B.Sc. in Medical and Neuroscience, M.Sc. in Medical and Neuroscience

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Phone: +(44)2071172521
Fax: +(44)2070221662


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