Our customers have a number of frequently asked questions that are commonly sent to us. If you have a question about a particular issue on the site or you would like to learn more about our company, feel free to contact us at any time:

Who is consulting, editing and proofreading your work?

Any of the content or the consultations that you receive come from our specialized experts. We have PhD level graduates in almost any type of study to ensure that we can deliver the best in consulting services. In order to make sure that the content we are editing or proofreading or consulting can improve your grade level, only our most skilled experts in each discipline will be consulting or editing the essay or assignment of your choice.

Can I contact you about any project?

If you have a need for academic consulting or help with any type of project we want to hear from you. You can contact us online via email or by phone or by visiting to explain your project and we have operators that are regularly standing by to assist you with a full quote.

Why should I work with your company?

We are a premier academic consulting and support services. Many of our staff members have been doing this professionally over many years. As a result we have built up a history of integrity and we follow these integral values into everything that we complete. We only hire individuals who can get the job done and who showcase the virtues of academic success that our customers demand. If you need true expertise involved with your academic consulting, we are the staff members to work with you and at a reasonable price.

What is included in our editing and consulting services?

Academic consulting and editing can mean a number of things with your recent work. We can take a look at lab reports, academic journals, a thesis, dissertation and more and go over it with our staff members. Each of our staff members remains an expert in proofreading and editing skills ensuring that we can deliver the right format and form in any type of project. We want to help you obtain your degree and help you get the highest marks available for your particular assignment. Through our full-service proofreading and editing we can deliver some of the best editing and consulting services for one flat fee. With the assistance of our staff members you can always have the confidence of knowing that every assignment you hand in that we have been involved with is going to be helpful for your future academic career.

What are your guarantees?

We offer service/products which will be kept high satisfaction, which can receive amendments and no extra costs that are fully authentic, never reused or republished and guaranteed for top quality standards. By making these top guarantees you can order with confidence knowing that you will be getting service that has been custom built for your requirements.

How would our consultation and editing service work for you?

Our services are designed to be user-friendly and efficient. To get started simply sign into our online order form and describe the project you’re working on or explain it by visiting us. We can coordinate back and forth to create a quote for your requirement and then provide a full price for the essay or project that you might require consulting, editing or proofreading. As soon as we have agreed on details and payment we can assign your requirement directly to an expert in the field of that project. We can then offer a fully completed and checked bibliography, a quality check and editing by an expert as well as a quality report based on the project. We are capable of working under rushed deadlines and we do not shy away from a challenge, simply give us your requirement and the deadline and we can provide a quote for you!

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